The world comes to life after a very difficult pandemic time, which resulted in the closure of many public places in order to limit the spread of the virus. This particularly affected catering establishments where the degree of risk was higher due to the large concentration of people in a small area and the need to expose their mouth and nose. The calming down of the situation and the reopening of gastronomy caused an avalanche of customers longing for such leisure activities.

Such a siege is a great challenge for restaurants wanting to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is achieved by the quality of the dishes and drinks served, as well as fast and efficient waiter service. While the first is the role of experienced chefs who can act under pressure, and the proper management of resources in the back of the restaurant, running the dining hall itself depends on waiters, whose work can be significantly facilitated by modern technology. And this is the technology that we offer at I’m Retail from now on.


Everything you need – here at your hand


Cooperation with the asian technology giant SUNMI allows us to introduce a range of mobile devices for various industries and designed for various applications. From multifunctional and interactive warehouse scanners, through scanners and labelers for retail trade, to multifunctional handheld computers for staff of restaurants – waiters and cashiers. The gastro industry has been very close to us recently, which is why we will mainly focus on this particular model.

SUNMI V2 is a mobile center equipped with a number of functionalities that will make the waiter’s work easier and more enjoyable. From now on, all activities, from booking a table, through the ordering process, to cashless payment with issuing a receipt, can be carried out without putting away one compact device.

This solution allows for much greater work efficiency, thanks to the creation of an integrated space that can easily guide through all stages of customer service in a restaurant, without the need to distract attention and divide it between various, often distant elements used to manage the hall and orders.

Thanks to SUNMI V2, all tasks will be possible to perform directly from a small device that your waiters always have with them.


What can SUNMI V2 do in the hands of a waiter?


Which specific tasks can a waiter do using the SUNMI V2 computer?


  • collecting orders – the basic activity performed by restaurant staff. Orders tend to be complex, multi-stage and extensive, often divided into parts. There is also a multitude of tables. V2 will keep it all under control, making it harder to make a mistake;
  • transfering orders to the kitchen – the collected orders can be directly and without delay handed over to the crew in the kitchen, which will immediately start the preparations;
  • electronic payments – SUNMI V2 is also a cashless payment terminal, which will eliminate the need for an additional, not very convenient device for payment;
  • receipt printing – thanks to built-in printer a receipt or invoice can be handed out very quickly, without leaving the table;
  • booking and table control – the implementation of an interactive map of the premises on the device will help to control the occupancy or the stage at which the table is currently being operated, with the possibility of immediate reservation of free one;
  • operation of the queuing system – in the case of an excess number of waiting customers, it is possible to create a waiting list and call them to available and prepared tables;


Prepare your restaurant for growth


The goal of each catering establishment owner and manager is to develop it and maximize the number of customers served each day. For this to happen, proper organization of the work of the entire staff is required. Devices designed to significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the premises can help in this. Devices such as the SUNMI V2.

If you want to learn more about mobile electronics for retail and services, or to match the right device to the needs of your business, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.